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Full stack developer with almost 6 years of commercial experience. I am a true lover of the JavaScript ecosystem, especially React.js library. I highly value clean code and use of the best currently available tools to create React applications. Furthermore, I would love to work with the most experienced people in the industry to develop my skills even more. ⌨️ 🎹 🤸🏼


Milosz Jankiewicz

Full stack developer with 5 years commercial experience. Looking to obtain a Frontend/Fullstack Web Developer position where my skills in javascript will contribute to building web applications that are high performing, easy to use and well designed.


Jakub Czarnowski

I am an experienced Software Engineer with a passion for web development. I specialize in React JS with TypeScript and have worked with senior developers to refine my skills. Currently, I work as a Frontend Developer at Cd Project Red and have experience creating MVPs for startups. As a quick learner, I am eager to apply my expertise in JavaScript to develop high-performing, user-friendly, and well-designed web applications as a Frontend Web Developer.



Proven expertise in product strategy, UX, & business growth. Track record: successful projects, cross-functional collaboration, revenue generation. Committed to innovation, strategic leadership, client relations, and fostering teamwork. Certified in Product Strategy, Led Growth, Analytics.



Experienced front-end developer passionate about web development, design, and business. Specialize in React JS with TypeScript. Co-founder of SaaS startup.



I am a software engineer and a full stack developer, I love working on web applications and add value to projects and teams.



I'm a seasoned developer with 9+ years of professional experience, having worked with many technologies and teams of many sizes, from startups to large enterprises. I started programming very early and have been doing it ever since. I'm currently working with React (+Native) Node.js (+Nest.js), and I'm currently most interested in C++, Rust, and Flutter. I have many side projects, mainly dealing with networks, computer graphics, 3d printing, and microcontrollers.


Agata Misiak

Experienced Scrum Master skilled in effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Delivers high-quality projects on time and within budget, managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Creates a supportive environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement. Expert in Scrum frameworks and conflict resolution, leading successful teams to achieve their full potential.


Patryk Szczurowski

I'm an ambitious developer thriving on challenges, committed to growth. A seasoned full stack developer with proficiency in Laravel and Vue.js, I meticulously code and infuse innovation and design flair into crafting user-friendly, visually pleasing solutions. Equipped to elevate development endeavors with a strong design sensibility, I extend my dedication to both coding and design by creating websites for local businesses in my free time.


Maja Kuczek

Experienced and results-driven Product Manager with a proven track record of successfully developing and launching innovative products that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. Skilled in cross-functional collaboration, strategic planning, and user-centered design. Seeking to leverage my expertise in product management to contribute to a dynamic and forward-thinking team.



Minha trajetória iniciou como Auxiliar Adm | Assistente comercial | Analista de Vendas | Supervisor Comercial | Coordenador Comercial (Indústria) e Gerente (Distribuidora). Dentre as minhas habilidades posso destacar o conhecimento comprovado sobre técnicas e ferramentas de planejamento, execução e controle comercial, Gestão de equipe, formação de preços, controle financeiro, utilização dos canais digitais para atendimento e relacionamento com clientes.


Frank Erzoah-Cudjoe

A data scientist with over 2 years of experience in health product marketing, data analytics, data visualization and machine learning with python. Has a strong interest in the applications of AI in healthcare with a drive to solve pertinent healthcare problems. Currently in medical school (with flexible hours) and looking to build end-to-end AI applications to solve real-world problems.


Kevin Makwana

With 6.5+ years of IT experience, I specialize in end-to-end application development using technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, and more. Holding a B.E. in Computer Application, I excel in project management, technical architecture, client communication, and deployment. My diverse skill set, including AWS, Git, and Laravel ecosystem, makes me a reliable professional for complex software projects.


Ihor Tkachenko

A highly skilled and creative product designer with 10 years of experience in creating aesthetically pleasant and user-friendly designs. With a deep understanding of the design process, principles, and techniques. Excellent eye for detail and ability to translate concepts into mockups, user flows, and prototypes. Strong communication and collaboration skills, able to work effectively in a team or independently. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of design and delivering exceptional results.


Ilya Mikheenko

A graphic designer with wide experience across print, digital, brand identity, UI, UX design for web and mobile platforms. Experienced in UX research, design team coordination, mentoring, and curating client's workshops.



Currently, I work as a CNC turner, but I am trying to become a Java programmer because it seems to me an interesting profession in which I will be able to constantly expand my knowledge and acquire new skills.



As an ambitious student with a great interest in creating websites, I am looking for my first commercial experience in the IT industry. I am eager to contribute to a dynamic team and further improve my IT skills.



Experienced Full-Stack Developer with advanced proficiency in web development leveraging Next.js, React, and Typescript. As a co-founder of a SaaS startup, I'm actively engaged in team collaborations, driving innovation, and promoting a harmonious, productive environment. Outside the realm of technology, I am a passionate advocate of the ketogenic lifestyle and a devoted calisthenics enthusiast. Additionally, I enjoy harnessing my creativity through music as an electric guitar player.


Gabriel Almeida

Creative Full Stack Developer with 5 years of experience working across different countries with Javascript Ecossystem (Node, React, Vanilla, Typescript). Delivered solid and consistent results increasing API performance (on average, more than 50%) and developed pixel-perfect front end interfaces in leading worldwide brands and customers. Solid leadership and entrepreneurship skills, identifying and generating new businesses and leading developers to reach project and product goals.



Skilled and design-oriented leader in branding, events, partnerships, and sales. Alongside facilitating multi-faceted events, partnership development, and marketing. Focused on design, strategic planning, revenue generation, and client relationships. Driven to lead continued organizational development and success.



I'm a frontend developer on my beginner's path to rule the world. Moreover, I am hugely interested in developing my other skills, such as Java backend developing and Flutter with Dart.



Certified Software Tester skilled in effective communication, team-work, analytical thinking and problem-solving. Intermediate English speaker. Keen learner. Seeking for a role which will help me to broaden my knowlegde and grow in the IT industry. Interested in test automation.



Digital Marketing Specialist who entered the industry in 2013 as a SEO Specialist. Managed a small team doing freelance SEO for approximately 3 years. A car accident forced a prolonged career hiatus in 2016. The recovery period resulted in 2 Marketing Diplomas. Seeking a permanent position where I can leverage my Facebook Advertising certifications.



I'm a passionate Full Stack Developer with over 4 years of commercial experience. With a strong foundation in JavaScript ecosystem and mainly React.js library. Whether it's crafting responsive layouts, optimizing performance, or implementing the latest web technologies, I'm dedicated to delivering seamless user interfaces. I love to develop web applications and anything that is connected to JS.



I am a determined and motivated data enthusiast with a strong foundation in bioinformatics. My interests are centered around finding patterns and concealed information in data to make informed decisions. Because I have a background in statistical analysis and machine learning, I can participate in multiple Data Science projects.



Professional experience leading software development, design, and product development in agile environments. Proven leadership capabilities, and entrepreneurial work. Seeking a lead or senior software engineering role. Fullstack capable with Node + Express or Python + Flask. Mobile app experience using React Native + Firebase


Alexis Turner

Collaborative SEO Content Specialist with 9 years of experience in producing high-quality SEO content for personal brands and small businesses. Skilled in conducting keyword research, optimizing content for search engines, and driving organic traffic to websites. Passionate about staying updated on the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes to ensure content remains optimized. A team player who enjoys collaborating with others to achieve common goals.


Beshoy Tamry

Senior Software Engineer with experience in full-stack web development and digital transformation. Skilled in PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, and AWS. Strong problem-solving and communication skills. Passionate about creating efficient and scalable applications.



Experienced IOS and Full stack developer. develop both Native IOS and cross platform apps using flutter and responsive websites using next and react.



My name is Jakub and im passioante fullstack developer from Poland. Really love to make working fullstack applications. I started back in 2020 when i decided to learn something new, i didin't expect that i will like programming! I am ambitious and I would like to learn new skills!


Mukesh Prajapat

Ambitious and driven software engineering student with a passion for problem-solving and a strong foundation in Java, data structures, and algorithms. Demonstrated experience in technical content writing, leading diverse teams, and delivering innovative projects. Seeking a challenging role to apply my skills and contribute to the success of a dynamic organization.